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Talk to me loyal followers! Lemme know what ya wanna see! Guys and Gals lemme know how im running this blog! Ladies wanna submit your feet?? Please do, get your feet out there!
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October 31, 1992
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The foot fetish slave made ​​a mistake one day told his girlfriend about his fetishes foot worship, forced chastity and cum denial the girlfriend became his fantasies into reality, now she tortures him with her feet, keeps him in chastity 24/7 for long periods and sadistically denied orgasms  who was her boyfriend and now her slave and sex toy !!

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    She loves the attention he’s giving her feet. Nice!
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    She loved turning her ex-boyfriend into her foot faggot…who’s the bitch now, hon?
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    Haha looks like my play time with the mister!!!
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